Daughter, I Never Saw You Coming.

Dear daughter,

I never saw you coming. Yeah, I knew there was a baby growing inside me, and I knew I was going to be a mom. But nothing could have prepared me for you. I had no idea how much my life would change once you entered it.

You are fierce. I look at you sometimes and I'm amazed that you could be part of me. I'm nowhere near as fierce as you. You're fearless! I love that about you.

You made me think about my life. You made me want to be better at everything. You made me want to learn how to make heart shaped sandwiches and make my mac and cheese just right. How could I NOT be that kind of mom for you? I wanted you to think I was the best at everything.

Your personality is endless. You definitely march to the beat of your own drum. I love how you are just you, and you really don't care if anyone likes that or not. Sometimes that quality about you challenges my parenting skills, but don't ever change it. When you grow up, and that is happening all too quickly, you will be thankful you have that trait. Always be true to you.

I've only had you for eight years, but already it's hard for me to remember life before you came. Your dad and I had a great life, but you made it better. You changed everything and made life so much fun. You made it hard, too. But oh, so fun.

Don't ever forget that I'm your friend. I know, I know, moms aren't supposed to be friends with their kids. But I want to be your friend. It doesn't mean I'm not going to watch you like crazy, check your phone, and not let you have Facebook or date until you're 17. I'm not going to ease up on you, but I will always be willing to be your friend if you need one. You can talk to me about anything.

I like how you lock yourself in your room so you can dance with no one watching you. I love how you sing as loud as you can and you think I can't hear you because the door is locked. I know one day you will figure out that we can hear you. I hope you still sing just as loud. I hope you know we are your biggest fans.

I love how you never want anyone to be left out. I can see that you pay close attention to the other kids around you, and you are a friend to everyone. The world needs more of that. That part of you has taught me to be more like Jesus.

I want you to know that you are loved more than you could ever hold in your heart.

I want you to have wings, and fly even though it kills me to see you becoming more independent.

I want you to know that you can be whatever you choose to be, and you will have my support.

I love how you take everything for what it is. I love how you accept every person you meet, no matter their circumstance. I love how you see all people as equal. One day you will be old enough to realize that everyone doesn't do that. One day you will realize that the world doesn't play fair. I pray that you will stay the same. I pray that you will always keep the ground level and give everyone a fair chance.

I love your messy hair, snaggle-toothed grin, and dirty feet. I also love that you love to wear a dress as much as you love to play in the dirt. You're a well rounded girl. ;)

I want big things for you, even though that means one day I might not get to have you close all the time. That's okay. I will teach you to fly, then I will watch you soar.

I love you,




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