• Katy Peach

Goldfish & The Self-Righteous

I was browsing my Facebook page and came across the short bio I wrote about ten years ago. I thought, oh my! I’m sure things have changed as I’ve matured, so I’d better edit it! It read “I worship Jesus. I adore my family. I dislike goldfish and self-righteous people.” After some thought, I realized nothing had changed in those ten years and I decided not to modify a thing!

Although I’ve had moments of idolizing my own selfish desires in the past, at the very core of who I am, still I worship Jesus. I’ve given Him a million reasons not to love me and somehow none of them changed His mind. Therefore, He remains my greatest love.

Time hasn’t changed the fact that I still adore my family... well most of the time anyway. I do have teenagers now, so some of you can understand. Ha!

I continue to dislike goldfish. It’s a weird aversion, I know, but there’s something gross about their beady little eyes and the way their food smells. Please don’t offer them to my children because undoubtedly I’ll be the one forced to plan their toilet burial and I can’t stomach it. Thanks in advance.

Finally, at 39 years old, my displeasure with the self-righteous has not only remained, but grown more intense. In fact, it’s one reason I struggle at times to write this blog. I never want to come across as self-righteous or holier-than-thou if I share a story of a “spiritual” moment I’ve experienced. On the flip side, I also have to walk a very fine line and not mention anything too worldly or I run the risk of being labeled sinful or unholy. But can I be honest while stating the obvious? I am sinful. I am unholy.

I’m not of those Christians who wants people to perceive me as “super-spiritual.” On the contrary, I am one who completely understands that the only thing decent and good about me is Jesus. I fully comprehend that my own righteousness is as filthy rags.

I once heard a Bible scholar say that the Hebrew word for filthy rags could be interpreted as “menstrual garments.” If you don’t understand what that means, look it up. It’s gross. We’re gross. All of us. The Bible says in Romans, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Anyone who would perceive themselves as righteous, is foolish.

I remember hearing a preacher talk about how “spiritual” we must feel when we compare ourselves to one of those Christians whose sins aren’t secret. You know, the celebrity Christian who stumbled in the spotlight or maybe someone at the church who was caught in an affair, or someone you know who was arrested and now his sins are on display for the whole world to see on Google.

Compared to those guys and gals, we feel pretty good about ourselves, right? That’s why we judge others, so we can feel better about ourselves. I’ve had friends or acquaintances ask about other Christians, “Do they drink?” or “Do they cuss?” “Aren’t they divorced?” or “You think she was pregnant before they got married?” I always think, who cares?? I question why they’d ask about something so trivial, but I’m convinced it’s so they can either consciously or subconsciously feel better about themselves.

I learned a long time ago that the only person to whom I should be comparing myself, is Jesus. And I’ll never measures up. I know this. But I can keep trying to love like He loves and forgive like He forgives. I want the world to know that without Him I am nothing, and He is everything. I guess I also want the world to know that... I worship Jesus, I adore my family, and I dislike goldfish and self-righteous people.



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