• Katy Peach

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Last week, my sons, Clayton and Shelton, celebrated their 14th birthday. Some know our story, but for those who don’t, here it is...

I can recall just like it was yesterday, the day Troy and I found out we were expecting a baby and the look of sheer panic in his eyes when I showed him the pregnancy test. We had, after all, just started our own business and therefore had very little money and no health insurance. I was told there was no need in seeing a doctor until I was 12 weeks along so for the next month or so we waited and prayed.

The whole time I wondered if I was actually even pregnant. I had no nausea or what one might call pregnancy symptoms. All I really knew was that I was told by 2 different doctors previously, that I would most likely never be able to have children. But for medical reasons, I was on conception prevention medication, if you catch my drift. So how could I be pregnant?? But I halfway trusted First Response and I waited.

Bracing myself for my new OB/GYN to look at me and say, “You’re not even pregnant,” Troy and I headed to my first appointment. After some questions and a very quick exam, he asked if my husband was present. I replied, “Yes, sir. He’s in the waiting room.” He said, “I’ll go get him for this.” For this?! What do you mean “THIS?” My mind raced for the 2 minutes that elapsed. “I’m not even pregnant” or “they can already tell something is wrong” are just a couple of the thoughts that ran through my head.

Finally Troy walked in with a puzzled look on his face. The doctor touched the ultrasound wand to my belly and started typing on the keyboard. The letter “A” appeared next to the white blob on the screen. He pointed to it and said, “There’s your baby.” Confused, I asked, “Well then what’s that?” pointing to another white blob. He said, “That’s another baby,” as he typed the letter B. Another baby?? Baby A and Baby B. We were going to have two babies???? “Congratulations!” he said, as Troy and I stared blankly at the ultrasound screen.

As it turns out I really was pregnant after all and there were 2 babies in there! Not just one HUMAN BEING, but TWO were growing inside of me! After a couple of seconds of shock, my heart immediately started worshipping God who so wonderfully created these miracles inside me.

My mind went back to the day I called Troy to tell him the news that I’d probably never be able to have children and to ask if he still even wanted to marry me. I remember he wisely said not to worry, but to trust God and that, thankfully, he did still want to marry me. ♥️

I refocused on the ultrasound screen because in all that time of my mind racing I’m not sure that I ever looked away, and at that moment all I could think about was how incredibly faithful God is.

I wish I could say that for the next 6 months I never worried, but that would be a lie. I worried every day. Would my babies be healthy? Would I be a good mom? How in the world wound we pay for all this? I even worried because my pregnancy was too perfect. I was not sick a single day in those 40 weeks.

I traveled until 2 weeks before my boys were born and that was only because we assumed they would be born early. 36 weeks is full term for twins, I was told. “They’ll probably come early,” they said... well they didn’t.

At 6 am on the morning of February 16th, just 4 days shy of their due date, with a beautiful blanket of fresh white snow on the ground, I walked into the hospital ready to meet my babies! By 9 am I was resting comfortably with two brand new beautiful healthy baby boys in my arms, once again worshipping God for His goodness and faithfulness.

The last 14 years have been amazing, as well as challenging, stressful, and insane at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I could never thank God enough for the immeasurable joy I’ve received being Clayton and Shelton’s mom.



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