God's People Are Tired Of Hiding Their "Ugly."

I am tired.

Tired of hiding my ugly.

I am a pastor's wife, so I think I see "church" differently than most. Each Sunday, people pile into pews all over the world and I believe a lot of them are exhausted from trying to "look" pretty to everyone else.

I believe most all people are hiding their "ugly."

Now, this is not something we do because we want to be fake. Not at all!

I am not talking about the people who pretend to be something they are not for pride's sake. I mean the ones who are genuinely struggling but do not feel like they have a single person in the world they can tell it to.

Have you ever been there? I'd go as far as to say that we all have at some point. We let people see the messy parts of our lives to a certain extent. But that deeper, harder place that has the things that we've never told to anyone? We would never let that out.


Maybe fear of judgment. Maybe fear of people thinking less of us. Maybe fear of losing the image of ourselves we think we have created for everyone else to see.

Whatever the reason, here's a thought: What if we all decided to show our ugly? What if we all got real for just a minute? No holding back. Just messy, unfiltered truth. What if we looked at our neighbor who is going through the unthinkable and we were able to say "yeah, me too, girlfriend!"

What kind of change would we see, if we all showed what we are really going though?

I believe we would find more community with the other Christians around us. I believe that we might just find out that we are not that different from each other after all.

All of the weight you are feeling by holding in the ugliest parts of your story can be lifted.

There is power in letting it out.

I believe your ministry lies there, when you dare to show who you are and how you got to be that person.

It's okay to show your ugly!

-written by Ashley Franks



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