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Just A Little Talk with Jesus

It had been an insanely busy week for the Peach household. Between football games and practices, orthodontist appointments, Booster club meetings, and Open House at the middle school, I could barely find time to breathe. We all have weeks like that and honestly, I enjoy being involved and staying busy. My busyness became a problem, however, when it kept me from spending time with The Lord. I realized this when I woke up on Saturday morning.

I was awakened by the sun peeking through a tiny opening in the curtains. I rolled over to see if Troy was awake and my heart sank as I stared at the empty spot where he typically sleeps. I quickly remembered that it was Saturday, and he was on the road, hundreds of miles away, as he usually is on the weekends. “I wish my husband had a normal job,” I sadly muttered to myself.

I wish I could tell you that I’m one of those strong, supportive wives who always has it together and never complains, but that would be untrue. I try hard to be, but sometimes I’m weak and find myself wondering how it’s fair that we have to live without our husband and father 4 days out of every week. I’m human, remember?

I begrudgingly got out of bed, in search for some strong coffee, not ready to face the tasks of another boring and lonely Saturday. On my way to the kitchen, I saw a massive tower of dirty laundry piled in my sons’ bathroom spilling out into the hallway. I don’t understand how teenage boys can dirty so many clothes in just a matter of days, but nonetheless I gathered what I could and left the rest for the boys to bring down later. On my way to the laundry room I passed by the kitchen and caught a glimpse of the sink full of dirty dishes. I could have sworn the sink was empty last night, but my boys have a habit of snacking in the middle of the night, and by snacking I mean warming up a full meal of leftovers, throwing a couple of hot pockets in the microwave, and washing it down with several glasses of sweet tea, using a clean, separate dish for each, of course.

I started a load of laundry and headed into the office to start the task of paying bills. I sat down at my desk and sighed, feeling empty and dissatisfied. While searching for my checkbook, I noticed the Bible sitting there, opened to 2 Corinthians, where I’d last been studying... more than a week ago. Had it really been that long since I’d made time to be with Jesus? He seems to be the one presence in my life that doesn’t demand my time but waits patiently for me to remember how desperately I need Him.

I began to pray and ask God to forgive me. I thanked Him for all He’d given me. I then began to read some of the promises in His Word.

He said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in your weakness.” - 2 Corinthians 12:9

It’s amazing what spending time with The Lord can do! I was reminded of how faithful God is even when I’m not. I remembered that when I am weak, He is strong. Before long, all I could do was praise Him! Like the old songwriter said, “just a little talk with Jesus makes it right.” Suddenly everything looked different to me.

I found myself upstairs, once again, staring at our bed, but instead of seeing an empty spot where my husband should be, I saw how incredibly blessed I was that God had given me an amazing husband who is right in the center of His will, who’s always working as unto The Lord and serving others wherever God sends him. And although I missed Troy terribly, I recalled all the times God had given me a special kind of strength to lead my family in his absence.

As tears started welling up, I walked down the hall and where I once saw a great big pile of laundry, I now saw the evidence of two of the greatest blessings God has ever given me; two healthy growing teenage boys who love to be outside, and play sports, and get dirty. What a privilege to take care of them!

I then made my way to the kitchen, to the sink overflowing with dirty dishes, but this time I saw proof of God’s provision and that we’ve always had more than enough. Even when my boys insist there’s nothing to eat in the house, they’ve managed to fill their bellies. There’s never been a day we weren’t fed!

With my heart full, I walked back to the office with my spirit lifted and glanced at the stack of bills. Only this time, I saw my checkbook lying next to them. The checkbook for my account. The account at my credit union, where God gave me a job that I love and the job that has allowed me to pay for extra things like braces, football and basketball, uniforms, cleats, and even clothes that I’d have to wash and food that I’d have to clean up!

What started as a day of self-pity and grumbling became a day of gratitude and thanksgiving all because I’d been with Jesus. Getting close to The Savior once again opened my eyes and allowed me to truly see! May we never get so busy that we forget our need to be with The Son of God and that just a little talk with Jesus makes it right.

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