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Same Calling, Different Assignment

Fridays are for FRIENDS.

We’re grateful to have our beautiful and talented friend, Misty Freeman-Callaway, as our guest writer this month.

I grew up a ministry kid. My whole childhood was spent traveling on a bus 3 to 4 days a week. We were in a different town, different church, and with different people every week. When I would complain about it and ask my parents why they couldn’t have a “normal job” they were great at explaining that it wasn’t just a job but a calling on their lives. I may not have always understood or liked it but at an early age they instilled in me that God had a bigger purpose than what I could see or grasp.

As an adult I found the calling that I identified with was shifting. I was married and had just had my 2nd child. I went to school to get my cosmetology license because it had always been a hobby of mine and I was doing that a couple days a week. God began to deal with me about staying home more. I ignored it for awhile. I thought, but I’m called. My mom had kids and kept going. I can too.

One weekend I had the kids and I packed and ready and I was determined to go. God spoke very clearly to stay home and I had to call and tell my family at the last minute that I wouldn’t be getting on the bus.

I was mad at God that day and decided I was going to paint our deck to keep busy. While painting and pouting and telling God all the reasons I’d be more effective for Him singing on stage than painting a deck, He spoke more clearly to me than ever before. He said “You can sing for me right now. You don’t need an audience. I’m just as pleased with you painting this deck and being a mom and wife as I would be if you were out on the road.” I was humbled and I realized that day that I was having an identity crisis. The calling had become a false sense of worth and identity.

The past 7 years He has had me at home more and in the salon more. I have well meaning people make comments about how they hate to see I’m not singing and walking out my calling as much these days. When given the chance I share with them the daily testimonies of how God is moving in the lives of my clients and mine. Last month one of my long time hair clients’ husband had a stroke. I was one of her first calls while on their way to the hospital. Why? Because she needed someone to pray and we’d had many past conversations about God and prayer in my chair over the years. You see it’s the same calling but I’ve been on a different assignment.

We can’t see or know all the plans God has for us. We have to trust the process, stay close to His heart and when He speaks listen. We are all called if we are His children. I no longer view jobs as secular or ministry jobs. If you are a Christian you are in the mission field wherever you are. Ask God to give you eyes to see the needs around you and the heart to respond. We have to be confident that He has began a good work in us and will carry it on to completion. Philippians 1:6

-Misty Freeman-Callaway



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