To The One Who Didn't Get Chosen: Your Time Is Coming.

Have you ever looked at your life and thought "Wow, I should have so much more accomplished by now." ?

Have you ever wondered why those around you seem to be living their best life, while you struggle to get through a single day?

I have.

And I want to tell you what I have learned from those moments.

I've learned that one of the hardest things to do in life is WAIT ON GOD. It is gut wrenching when you know that He has promised you abundance, but it's just simply not time yet. And trust me, this is a real thing. It's possible to KNOW what God promised you, and still have to wait for it. It's kind of like my kids on a trip to Disney World. They know the trip is coming, but the 10 hour car ride is torture for them. They know if they can just wait out the ride, they will get the promise. But that doesn't make the ride for them any more fun!

So what do we do when we feel like we are ALWAYS the one who finishes last?

We take a lesson from King David. The man after God's own heart.

You know, no one else in the Bible was referred to as being "after God's heart." Yet David was a murdering adulterer. He certainly was not perfect, just like all the rest of us. But somehow, during the course of his life, he learned how to chase after God. He learned how to be pure at heart. He learned how to serve. He learned how to be real.

It's tough to remember David the shepherd boy. After all of the accolades he received during his glory years, to remember his humble beginning might be hard, but if I may-- let's remember.

David was the youngest of all his brothers. In a day and time when age meant Seniority, he was the lowest man on the totem pole. He did not get the "cool" or "prestigious" job. He was not allowed to be a soldier, or a priest, or a hunter, or a craftsman. Instead, he was stuck doing the most lowly thing they could find for him to do-- tending the sheep.

But it was in the field, shepherding the sheep, where David learned to be a fighter. I can imagine him, day after day, playing with his sling shot. Figuring out the perfect angle to "fling" a stone at the wolves who may try to come and attack his father's sheep. It seemed so unimportant--until the day when no one else could fight a massive giant. David had been preparing for that moment without even knowing it!

And remember how the prophet Samuel came to David's house to anoint the next king of Israel? David was not even invited to that meeting. They all were SO sure that he could never be king, that Samuel had to send for him after God rejected all his other brothers. Where was he? Tending sheep, of course. And guess what? After he was chosen BY GOD to be Israel's next king...he still had to return to the field and tend sheep for a lot more years. He knew he was a king, and he was still herding sheep.


The Bible teaches that while no, David was not perfect, he was a good king. He ruled fairly. He loved God. He showed mercy to people when he needed to. He was not self centered. He repented when he did wrong. He never rode a high horse for very long, for he was always reminded who he was and who God is.

I believe he learned those traits while he was tending sheep.

We cannot build character when everything is handed to us on a silver platter. It is during the times of life when we are forced to serve in a way that we do not want to, that we learn what true servanthood is.

And hey, David's day came. Boy, did it ever come! Not only was he a fierce leader, soldier, and king, but he was the only person in scripture to ever be called a "man after God's own heart."

If you're still tending sheep, never fear. Your day is coming. Keep being faithful over what God has given you, and He will trust you with more. You are preparing for things you cannot see coming. You are learning skills that you will need when your moment of greatness arrives. You were BORN for this.

Who knows, one day God may need you to fight a giant! Got your sling shot handy?



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