• Katy Peach

When He Appeared and The Soul Felt Its Worth

Updated: Jan 2

I love Christmas music.  I love the melodies and the orchestrations. It ushers in all the feelings of Christmas. I also really love the lyrics of some of the old Christmas hymns. Of all the Christmas songs, lyrically, my favorite has to be Oh Holy Night. It so beautifully paints a picture of the night The Savior of the world was born. I like to imagine the majesty of that night but the line that always gets me is, “When He appeared and the soul felt it’s worth...” 

That right there is the very reason I celebrate Christmas. I know, I know. “Jesus wasn’t born in December” and “Christmas evolved from a pagan holiday.” Insert eye roll here. Can we please just stop with all the legalism and pause to remember the only time in history a King became a baby to save His people?? When finally He appeared, He brought hope to this weary world. He was born to die. I sure don’t think there’s anything wrong with remembering that holy night when prophesy was fulfilled and the Son of God was born of a virgin bringing hope to all mankind. 

Every year, as we read the Christmas story from Luke and remember that holy night, I also like to recall all the nights Jesus showed up in my life. 

Many years ago, at Christmas, He appeared to my family in a very real way.  Troy and I had our own ministry and it was one of those times when the love offerings seemed to be a lot more love than offering. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. Our babies were barely a year old and we were so broke that we were paying for diapers and formula with credit cards. Things looked pretty hopeless one night as Troy and I sat in our living room trying to figure out how we were going to give our baby boys a decent Christmas when someone knocked on our front door. We opened the door to out-of-town friends with their arms full of gifts for us and the babies!  Not an hour later, we got a phone call from another friend telling us to check our front door. They had left a hundred dollar bill in our wreath!  The very next day, we received an anonymous check for $1000!  To say we were grateful is an understatement. We were absolutely overwhelmed that Jesus would appear to us through our friends and remind us how much He cares for us when everything seemed hopeless. 

He’s still appearing today, sometimes in an encouraging text message out of the blue or at the drive-thru when you get to the window to find someone else has already paid for your meal.  

My prayer this Christmas season is that you won’t miss the ways He’s trying to appear to you in your life. 



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